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Homeless and Housing Development Department

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 Homeless & Community Housing Department

The Medicine Hat Community Housing Society is the designated Community Based Organization (CBO) in Medicine Hat that administers  funding for homelessness and housing initiatives for both the provincial and federals governments.

Facts on Poverty and Homelessness in Medicine Hat

  1. As of 2007, it is estimated that 1,617 individuals and families are at risk of homelessness in the city of Medicine Hat.
  2. In 2007-08 the Salvation Army Family Support Centre admitted 1,938 individuals into the shelter for an average of 7.3 nights per person.
  3. Approximately one-quarter of the people who stay at the Salvation Army Family Support Centre are from Medicine Hat, but they were unable to maintain the housing they had.
  4. From Fall 2003 to Fall 2007, the rental vacancy rate dropped 65% to an overall vacancy rate of 1.7%.
  5.  Changes to rent supplement programs have reduced waiting lists for social housing to 71 as of July 2008 with the average wait time approximately 6 months.
  6. Increasing utility rates and the rising cost of food and shelter are placing many families at risk of homelessness.
  7. Average monthly rent for 1-bedroom is $560; for a 2-bedroom is $670 and for a 3-bedroom is $766 in the city..
  8. CMHC and Statistics Canada report an annual growth rate of 2.2% for Medicine Hat since the year 2000. Although this figure is often not acknowledged, the rate rivals Calgary at 2.3% and definitely places a strain on housing and social resources.
  9. The gap between the rich and poor in Medicine Hat is widening. In 2005, those families in the top 10% income earners made at least $139,000 (an increase of 22.5% since 2001). Those in the bottom 10% income bracket made at most $24,400 (an increase of 17.5% since 2001). The top bracket made almost 6 times the lowest, and that gap increased by almost 4% between 2001 and 2005.[1]

[1] Source: Vital Signs 2007, Community Foundations, page 9.


Poverty & Homelessness in Medicine Hat

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Homeless Initiative Grants Provided By the MHCHS

Homelessness Partnering Strategy, Government of Canada
Under this homelessness initiative, MHCHS administers federal funds to implement priority activities designed to address the needs of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, as detailed in the Community Plan Assessment and the HPS Community Plan on Homelessness.

Funded Agencies in our Community during 2007-2009:

MHCHS Homeless & Community Housing Department
Salvation Army
McMan Youth, Family & Community Services
MHCHS Outreach Department
Provincial Homelessness Initiative – Government of Alberta
Funding provided to support one-time or short term projects which provide housing and/or housing support services to alleviate the problem of homelessness. Such funding allocations are in line with the community plan established for Medicine Hat and the Homelessness Policy Framework established by the Government of Alberta.
Funded Agencies during 2007-2009:
McMan Youth, Family & Community Services – Transitional Housing for Youth Project
Outreach Initiative Pilot Projects (OIPP), Government of Alberta
Funding provided to new prevention and support service pilot initiatives that move the homeless, and those at risk of homelessness, along the continuum to independent living, in order to alleviate the problem of homelessness.
Funded Agencies during 2007-2009:

MHCHS Outreach Department
Salvation Army
Miywasin Society
Saamis Immigrations Services
McMan Youth, Family & Community Services
HIV Society of Southeastern Alberta
Canadian Mental Health Association – South East Region
Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter Society

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Annual Reports

Medicine Hat Community Housing Society

Community Plan Assessment

A Community Plan Assessment is required at the end of each funding period by the Government of Canada.  The Data Tools document provides statistical and population data particularly as they relate to poverty and homelessness.  The Framework Document provides an analysis of the trends facing the community and the measures taken to address poverty and homelessness.

Community Action Plans


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 Homeless & Housing Development Initiative Sponsors

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